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Journey in the footsteps of the 4th industrial revolution.

The next manufacturing revolution integrates existing manufacturing and technological innovation that creates new growth to the economy. Big technologies entering the manufacturing space, automation in production, 3D printing, big data, AI, wearable etc. This revolution creates better and smarter products, adjusted to client.

This project constitute a peek to a local design and manufacturing process in the footsteps of the 4th industrial revolution, that examine the close connection between the designer, manufacturing, products and the end user with a series of garments and sneakers locally produced. 


The objective of the study is to examine what is the place of the designer in this constantly changing relationship. The nature of the product is changing and technology often dictates products design and functionality. The designer is the connecting link between all the players, so his toolbox is changing and expanding. 


Research deliverable are a series of garments and sneakers manufacture in new technological methods that relate to the future of mass production potential in customize manufacturing, 3D printing, printing on textile and finding alternative to traditional sewing, etc.

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